a birthday valentine

My friend C commissioned me to create a birthday card that is also valentine themed; I decided to make a valentine, with a birthday card inside the envelope instead of a regular message card. I used two different patterned sheets from Fancy Pants’ Love Bird Collection to create a subtle valentine theme.

It’s simple, cute, and carries both themes. I’m glad my first experience with pattern paper turned out well, and there were enough personal elements to make it my design, instead of just highlighting the paper.



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the mistletoe

This is completely delayed by too many months; I have been busy with making wedding invitations for a friend and other things. In other words, I have been lazy. This was the very-last-minute holiday card I made for my boyfriend the night before our Chicago trip. I was inspired by a similar pattern on one of the holiday cards my friend Albert has made during the workshop, and decided to try something like that. I’m extremely pleased with how the card came out; it’s not too girly but still cute. Also it’s the first free-handed card I have made; will definitely be doing more of that in the future.

There are some color correct problems with the image, but here’re some more views of the card and a matching envelope.

Hope you like it!


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‘the commission’

My coworker asked me to create 3 holiday cards for her to send to her family and friends. I did three very different designs.

The first one is very feminine with a lot of flower details.

This is my experimentation with glitter to create a winter wonderland scene.

And she also wanted a typical holiday card, so I used many traditional holiday season colors and elements to create this popup card.

I created these during the holiday workshops I held, and by the time I was done with them, I wish I could keep them for myself! I hope she enjoyed them as much as I did.


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holiday cards workshop – part ii

This is definitely a “year” too late, but I held another holiday cards workshop the following Sunday after the first one. It was equally chaotic and equally fun! A lot of “unconventional” cards came out of it, and I was so wowed by my friends’ work; especially those that are fashion-inspired. We also had a lot of newbie mess-ups, but in trying to fix them, the cards turned out better than expected!

A couple of things I learned from holding these workshops: 1) make sure to stock up on food! I prepared snacks at both workshops, and they were gone in a second!!! Card making is hard work, and people have to be replenished. 2) glitter is definitely NOT a girl’s (or a boy’s) best friend. After the two workshops, everything in my apartment is covered in glitter. tables, chairs, couches, storage bins, my hair, even the door nob. Will definitely use it with caution from now on, and not give it to people without supervision :]

Thanks to everyone who participated. I had a fabulous time; valentine workshop anyone? For more photos from the second workshop, visit this picasa album.


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the “christmas” birthday card

Alright I can’t post this one until after I actually gifted it.  I made this birthday card for my friend Eva, whose birthday lands on Christmas Eve.  I thought it would be fun to make a “Christmas” birthday card for her, since everyone who has a holiday birthday hates it when people mix them up together.

I have to say, I love the way this turned out!  I hand-made the flowers from hole-punched leaves and brads.  This is the most elaborate card I’ve made thus far, but I thoroughly enjoyed the process, the… entire… too-many-hours it took :]

Then I made a simple envelope to match it.

I hope she’ll like it!!!


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holiday cards workshop – part i

Last Sunday I hosted my very first free holiday cards workshop!!! It was… AMAZING!!! I’m really glad lots of my friends dropped by, enjoyed some yummy snacks, and went home with some cards they made themselves for friends and family. It was definitely hectic, and my apartment ended up a giant (glittery) mess, but I think people had a good time, and hopefully learned a thing or two about card making :] I’m so impressed by everyone’s work, and can’t wait to do this again this Sunday!

For the full-detailed recap, take a look at the picasa album.


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cards for ‘professionals’

Since I’ve started trying my hands at greeting cards, I’ve become the unofficial card maker in the office; I’ve been creating several cards for my coworkers. A couple of them got married recently:

And a thank you card for my manager.

I really hope they enjoyed these cards; because well… I love my team!!! Can’t wait to make more :]


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