holiday cards workshop – part ii

This is definitely a “year” too late, but I held another holiday cards workshop the following Sunday after the first one. It was equally chaotic and equally fun! A lot of “unconventional” cards came out of it, and I was so wowed by my friends’ work; especially those that are fashion-inspired. We also had a lot of newbie mess-ups, but in trying to fix them, the cards turned out better than expected!

A couple of things I learned from holding these workshops: 1) make sure to stock up on food! I prepared snacks at both workshops, and they were gone in a second!!! Card making is hard work, and people have to be replenished. 2) glitter is definitely NOT a girl’s (or a boy’s) best friend. After the two workshops, everything in my apartment is covered in glitter. tables, chairs, couches, storage bins, my hair, even the door nob. Will definitely use it with caution from now on, and not give it to people without supervision :]

Thanks to everyone who participated. I had a fabulous time; valentine workshop anyone? For more photos from the second workshop, visit this picasa album.


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