inspiration inspires

When Lyna was making cards here one night, she left some gray scrap paper with white gel pen lines on them, and they reminded me of birch tree trunks, so I made this abstract forest card.

I felt like it needed something black & clean on the top, and after much debating, I settled with “happy new year”; though later I thought “joy” would’ve been much better and more sleek.

And the same pattern is repeated on the inside.


A couple of days later, Lyna was inspired by the abstract shapes and using 3d zots to create dimensionality, so she created this card!

I really like both cards, experiencing with 3d zots and foams have been so much fun!


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i’ll be home for christmas

I always wanted to make a “welcome home” holiday card, because, let’s face it, half of the charm of the holidays is being home (or somewhere like home), spending time with family, catching up with old friends, and stuffing our tummies silly in sheer idleness.  When I found this train paper punch and the snowy houses stamp, I knew they’d be perfect for this!  So here it is!

It’s an ultra Christmas-y card with all the classic colors card-stock.  Oh and a friend gave me a great idea for using the train paper punch come Valentine’s day (hint: The Simpsons) :]  Hope you like it!


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a scandinavian holiday

I made a very simple card today, Lyna called it “a card for men” :]  I got this very cute moose paper punch and really wanted to make a Scandinavian holiday card.  After trying several different layouts, we settled on the most clean design.  Kind of reminds me of a fashion logo, no?

“god jul” is “Merry Christmas” in several Scandinavian languages.  Add a simple gray envelope with a moose punch, and I’m ready to use this card for my Swedish friends!


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first card

We made our first card last night!  It was for our friend Joanna to congratulate her newlywed friends.  We are definitely very new at this, doing everything too slowly and making mistakes along the way.  The good news is, we’re learning!
Working title – Chartreuse Wedding Galore

And bad things happen to good people when you’re working under pressure
But it’s nothing but an opportunity for improvement!
And Voilà!  The finished product
Congrats Ian & Marianne!  We hope you’ll enjoy the card :]
Card: 5.5 x 5.5 square cardTools: stamps, color stamping pads, clear stamp pen & stamp pad, embossing powder, embossing heat tool, envelope liner kit, grid ruler, x-acto knife, double sided tape, zots, scissors, etc.
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hi there!

First post!  Welcome to Enveloped, a blog dedicated to hand-made cards and the stories that inspired them.  While we have some graphic design and fine arts backgrounds, my best friend Lyna and I are total amateurs when it comes to card making.  We want to document our journey to explore this new type of artistic expression, and attempt to incorporate our own elements of printing, illustration, graphics, stamping, embossing, and techniques I don’t even know the terms for!

Thanks!  We are excited for many fun posts to come :]


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